Partnered with clinical laboratories we offer comprehensive clinical qualitative and quantitative urine drug testing, medication monitoring and support services. Testing is performed with Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry(LC/MS), the highest analytical standard in the industry for confirmatory procedures, allowing us to provide rapid turn-around times with the most accurate interpretations.

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Wellness Testing (Blood)

Specializing in laboratory testing that provides a comprehensive review of patient systems, identifying health risks and assessing overall health. Wellness panels are critical for prevention, early detection and treatment of age-related disease states.

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URTI Testing

URTI testing may be used to help diagnose influenza and sometimes to help document the presence of influenza in the community. Testing may also be used to
identify the type and/or the strain of influenza causing the infection.

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Pharmacogenomicsprovides physicians with genetic information to guide therapeutic decisions to optimize efficacy and reduce Adverse Drug Reactions...

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