Essential Partners

Essential Partners assist clients in establishing a balance to efficiently and profitably run their practice, while providing quality care that improves patient outcomes. We specialize in clinical diagnostic laboratory solutions, in-house pharmacy products and clinic’s ancillary services by customizing compliance-driven solutions which enhance and strengthen a physician’s practice. We offer a wide array of supplementary services and products to assist clients with comprehensive and cost-effective practice solutions.  We pride ourselves on incorporating the latest healthcare market advancements in technology, compliance, patient care, marketing, genetic discoveries and business strategy.

Diagnostic Laboratory Solutions

  • Toxicology
  • Wellness Panels
  • URTI  - Influenza
  • Pharmacogenomics

Pharmacy Solutions

  • Women’s Hormone Therapy
  • Men’s Hormone Therapy
  • Pain Management
  • Brand & Generic Drugs
  • Health Care Product


  • Medical Billing
  • Payroll Services

Our Essential Partners